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Broken Angel

Chapter 14: Snape Picks a Side



Tom held Sirius against the wall by his throat with one hand, shoving his wand in his gut with the other. Sirius gritted his teeth, snarling and frothing at the mouth at the dark lord. His dark blue eyes locked on to the wretched crescent-shaped pupils, flashing crimson from the irises. “Don’t make me kill you here in my office. Harry would be so displeased. You take the mark, or you die. The werewolf will die shortly after, and Harry won’t have a ‘daddy’ anymore.”

“Let me go, and I’ll think about it.” choked Sirius.

Tom’s eyes narrowed, but he released his hand, dropping the animagus to the floor. He swallowed hard, making sure he could still do that after the tension put in his neck, and stood up tall. “Have you marked Harry?”

“No. The scar on his forehead is marking enough.”

“What about Remus? I don’t want him marked, not against his will.”

“You take the mark, the werewolf won’t have to.”

“How can I trust you? How can I be sure?” shouted Sirius.

“Have I killed you yet? Is Harry here, happy and injury free for the first time in his life? Look around, Black! I’m the last stop. There’s nothing beyond me. Albus Dumbledore could have spared you. He could have stopped the muggles. He didn’t. I did.” Hissed Tom, jerking his thumb to his chest.

Everything seemed to move in slow motion after that comment. Tom spewed forth several more lines, pointing out how wonderful he was, but Sirius only half-listened. The world around him began to spin, slowly at first, but soon it became overwhelming, dropping him to his knees. Harry was alive. He was safe? He was alive and he was happy. He was laughing and getting into the dark lord’s stashes of liquor. He hugged him tightly, and caressed his cheeks. He cried with joy in his arms. He told him he missed him, loved him. He couldn’t leave him. Voldemort was right, in a way. He had thought about it since his first correspondence with Lucius. He had his mind made up well before he floo’d into the main hall that evening. He would sell his soul to keep Harry and Remus alive. The only two people who loved him.

He ripped the cuff of his shirt from his wrist, pulling his sleeve up over his forearm and looked up at Tom.

“Do it.”


Tom could see the horse-faced blond walking around her sitting room through the front window. "Someone beat that woman with an ugly-stick, it seems." said Lucius, standing behind his master.

"She'll be beat with more than that when I get a hold of her." Tom replied in a deep whisper. Lucius watched Tom quietly. His eyes were mere slits of blazing flame, flickering brightly with each movement Petunia Dursley made. His lips curled from a sneer to a wicked smile over and over. Lucius could feel his chest swelling with pride over his master's evil.

And then it happened.. Vernon Dursley made his entrance into the front room. Lucius placed his hand on Tom's shoulder, calming and reassuring his master when he saw Tom begin to tremble.

"That's him." Tom whispered. "Lucius, he's the one. He's the man that tried to rape my boy."

Lucius studied the large purple-faced man from his window. He was a typical fat muggle, large moustache, beer in his hand, waving his finger at his wife in an aggressive manner. The hate was flowing through Tom now, burning Lucius' hand. He pulled back instinctively, holding up his red palm to his eyes in disbelief.

Rage filled his soul as he watched Vernon slap his wife across the face. He watched her cower back, hands over her face. He watched a large boy enter the room, pointing at his mother, shaking his finger with one hand, while rubbing his oversized belly with the other.

Lights began to flicker and pop around the home, moving into the street, covering the houses surrounding it. Tom gasped audibly. "I can see the wards." he said, before standing up and rushing to the window. "I can see them clear as day."

Lucius cocked his head. "You.. can see them? Quickly, my Lord! Cast them down, before they disappear!"

Tom pulled his wand out and opened the window blocking his path. Lucius felt the electricity swirling around him, almost physically see it radiate off his master. Tom had opened something, something that no other wizard could imagine doing. He could see the magic in front of him, and he could share his gift with Lucius.

Coloured streams of light magic began slowly taking shape before his eyes. The streams were wrapping themselves around the Dursley's home, pulsing and flickering, causing their aura to light up the darkened street.

Tom pulled himself onto the windowsill and leapt out onto the grass, fearing if he broke his gaze of the magic, it might disappear. Tearing down wards was one thing, it was difficult when you didn't know where the magic was flowing, or what magic had been used at all. He could see many broken streams of light, indicating they had already been torn from their blind attempts the past two days, but without this vision, it would have taken several more it seemed. He had no idea the magic around the home would be so powerful.

Lucius hopped out onto the grass next to Tom and pulled his wand from his cane. They both pointed their wands to the Dursley's home and spoke their charms. Lucius could hear Tom hissing, speaking in an undecipherable language to him, his parseltongue, the words slithering into his wand and streaming themselves out onto the wards. The wards lit up, flooding the street with pure, white energy, blinding both men as their voices raised, chanting their counter charms.


Draco walked Remus to the room Sirius had been laid out at, taking the sleeping boy from his arms, and bidding him good night. He got to his bed, laying the Gryffindor over his chest, staring at him quietly. As he drifted to sleep, he was content, happier than he could remember in a long time.

A loud cry startled him from his near slumber, jerking him awake.

Harry lifted his head from his chest, grabbing his scar with his hands. He threw his head back and began hissing. He was hissing in what sounded like parseltongue, causing

Draco to sit up quickly. "Harry? Harry, what's wrong!" he shouted, pulling Harry's hands from his forehead. His eyes were glazed over, flickering red, as he chanted incoherent words in the snake language. He watched the lightning bolt scar changing colour, shading from pink to dark red.

He hopped from the bed and ran over to Harry's side, growing extremely nervous. "Harry, can you hear me?" He asked, gently shaking the half-sitting, half-laying boy on his bed.

"Lucius!" Harry cried out, "Lucius, they're falling!"


"Lucius!" Tom yelled, without breaking his eye contact with the wards, "Lucius, they're falling!"

Lucius gritted his teeth, using the most powerful spells he knew to tear down the wards in front of him. "Yes, my Lord, I can see them!" he shouted back. Tom hissed his incantations through a broad grin.

Petunia Dursley swung her head around and peered out her front window, hearing raised voices out in the street. Her eyes narrowed to adjust to the darkness outside from the brightly lit room she stood in. She could barely make out the two figures standing on the lawn across the street, holding their arms out, pointed in her direction. "What in the blazes.." she whispered to herself.

Lucius watched the dirty blond stare at them and laughed mockingly at her. The wards crumbled and flickered out slowly, causing his sight of her to grow stronger from her sitting room.

Tom kept his vision on the wards, pulling together any magic he felt stored away out into his wand. His arm jerking in a subsultus manner, fingers sweating over his wand, causing it to slip around in his grasp. Suddenly, the last ward pulsed softly and burned out in front of them. The house was completely defenseless now.

Tom fell to his knees, weakened by the strain he had put into the magic he used. He felt like he'd used the killing curse on over a whole village of muggles. Lucius dropped his arm, sighing loudly. He blinked several times, blocking out the fuzziness in his head.

He walked over to Tom, kneeling next to him and put his arm around his shoulder. "My Lord, whatever just happened here... it was.. amazing!" He said, turning his gaze back to the strange muggle staring back at them.

Tom shook his head in disbelief. "I have no idea how it happened. I'll think about that later though. We have work to do." he replied. Tom closed his eyes and concentrated. "Mulciber, Snape. I need your assistance at the Dursley's residence immediately!" he said.


Harry closed his eyes, seeming to fall right back to sleep, as if nothing had just happened at all. Draco scratched his head and dabbed a washcloth over Harry's forehead, staring at him in worry.

Harry stirred softly, his eyes moving rapidly under his eyelids. His lips parted and he stared whispering, this time in english. "Mulciber, I want them alive. Bring the woman to the hall, Snape, gather the boy. I'll get the man." Draco sat back on his knees, horrified. "Imperio!" Harry screamed, snapping Draco from his frozen stance.

He lunged up onto his feet and leapt onto the bed quickly, pulling Harry up in his arms. "Damnit, Harry, you're scaring the hell out of me, WAKE UP!"

Harry snapped awake, gasping loudly, bolting upright. He looked into Draco's eyes, panic stricken. "Draco! He's going to kill her!" He shouted. He wrestled from the blonde's grasp and fell on the floor, next to the bed. He stood up quickly and raced for the door. Draco got up and ran out after him as soon as he registered the boy had escaped.

He followed the patter of Harry's bare feet on the tiled floors. He was close, he couldn't lose him. He pulled the sheet he was wrapped up in tightly around his body to avoid tripping over it as he ran on. As he turned another corner in the corridor, he felt a large *smack!*, tumbling over Harry, both falling forwards onto the floor.

Harry seemed completely unfazed by this and lay on his stomach, his head tilted up, looking off into space. "They're here now.." he said softly. "We have to stop him from hurting Aunt Petunia."

He nodded quietly as he helped himself and Harry to their feet. "Shouldn't we get dressed or something?" He continued to stare at the wall, saying nothing. Draco grabbed his arm and began walking him back to his room, Harry tugged back ever few seconds in protest, but never lost the glazed look in his eyes.


Severus Snape apparated outside of Riddle Mansion and calmly walked inside. His pockets were now filled with various potions needed for the days ahead. He strolled down each path of corridors, whistling to himself. He was furious Black had taken the Dark Mark. His life was forever destroyed as a spy, holding secrets from Dumbledore, protecting his master. The anger surged through him, filled the empty places he forgot existed. He would obey his master from now on, the light looked hopeless anymore, their savoir sitting in a room here, playing whore to the Dark Lord was their last hope. Then Black...

He reached Draco's door and opened it, peering inside.

Draco was pulling a t-shirt over Harry's head as he sat quietly on the bed. He had then bent down and began to tie the laces on the smaller boy’s black leather shoes, before noticing they weren't alone.

Harry seemed unfazed by Snape's entrance, despite his strong gaze at the boy. Draco stood up and turned around quickly, staring at the man curiously. "Professor Snape, what are you doing here?" he asked. He smirked and closed the door behind him.

He rolled the phial of potion he was carrying around in his hand. "I've come to incapacitate the boy, and bring you with me to meet our new *guests*." He said calmly.

Harry snapped awake from his trance and began to back himself up onto the bed, before climbing off on the opposite side. "No Draco! Don't let him do that!" he shouted.

Draco looked anxiously over to his lover, then back to Snape. "Wait. What's going on? I don't understand." directing the question to the potions master, but backing himself up a bit in Harry's direction.

Snape closed in, stopping on the opposite side of the bed, Draco standing at the end, backing over towards the other boy’s side.

Harry looked hurriedly between the two. "I need to talk to Tom, please, Snape. Let me talk to Tom first. Remember what you said to me? You said you would help me!" he pleaded.

Severus shook his head and held out the phial of crystal towards the blond. “Take this, so I can hold him down.“ Draco reluctantly reached out and grasped the bottle in his trembling fingers. Harry let out a small cry and backed himself up into the wall.

He glared at his lover as they both slowly advanced on him. Snape was on the bed now, crawling over the mattress like a tiger, and Draco was almost to his side. "I can't let him hurt aunt Petunia. Please let me just talk to..." He yelled out, before being assaulted on both sides by the two larger men.

Snape snaked his arm around His chest, pinning his arms, and pulled his head back by his hair with his free hand. "Don't hurt him!" Draco shouted furiously.

Harry clamped his mouth shut and glared at him. "Just how in the hell does he know about his relatives?" shouted Snape. "Give him the potion, now!" he signaled, grabbing one of Harry's arms and wrenching it back, pulling his hair back towards his own chest, causing him to cry out in pain.

Draco uncorked the bottle and poured the contents into his mouth quickly, before stumbling backwards, feeling simply awful. The guilt glowed in his paling face and shaking hands, and he averted his eyes from his new friend, in shame.

Snape released his hold of his hair and clamped his hand over his mouth quickly, wrenching his arm back higher to increase the pain. "Swallow it." he said with a snarl.

Harry squirmed and kicked and screamed muffled curses, but refused to swallow the potion.

Snape pulled his arm up further into his back, so his fist was nearly touching the nape of his neck, causing him to scream into his hand. Draco looked up and ran over to them. "Swallow the goddamn potion!" he cried out, looking directly into his emerald eyes. Harry glared back with venom, causing the blond to flinch mentally. He reluctantly swallowed the potion and Snape dropped his hold, shoving him off into the room.

"I hate you, Draco." he said pulling himself as far away from Snape as he could get, before stumbling over onto the bed.

"I know, Harry..." he replied, while helping him onto his back. Emerald eyes closed as his head fell back on the bed.

Draco turned on Severus, standing eye to eye with his potions professor. Despite the age difference, He stood as tall and slightly broader than the greasy-haired man, and he meant to use it to his advantage. He glared into his beetle-black eyes, showing his disgust.

Snape cleared his throat and smirked. "Would you care to explain how he knew his aunt was here? Why would you tell him?"

He huffed. "I didn't tell him anything! He had a nightmare and.. and his scar turned red. He was mumbling and talking and then he woke up, and he just... knew."

Snape's eyebrows shot up. "A vision? How odd. I thought Voldemort said he stopped those from happening."

"He's had them before?" asked Draco.

Severus nodded. "Yes, so I've heard." He looked down at Harry's sleeping face and brushed the hair from his forehead. "The scar is like a dark mark, only differently connected to Voldemort. I'm not sure how though. You'd have to ask him." He picked the boy’s sleeping body up and slung him over his shoulder.

"What are you doing? Put him down this instant!" Draco demanded. He turned and began walking to the door.

"We'd better bring him with us, Tom will have to recast the blocking spell before he uses his wand on the Dursleys."




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