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Pairings: HP/DM HP/TR


Broken Angel

Chapter 10: Crabbe and Goyle Come to Visit


Draco continued balancing his wand on his fingers until he got bored. He then tried balancing it on his nose. It was difficult, but with enough willpower... "Hello, Draco." Oof! Draco's eyes grew wide and his wand

dropped to the ground noiselessly in the thick carpet. Draco stood up quickly and bowed. "Sorry, my Lord." he replied.

Tom rolled his eyes and sat at his desk. Draco sat back down and folded his hands over his lap. "Not a problem, I'm sorry I kept you waiting, my boy."

They talked for almost an hour over instructions and what Harry could and could not do in the mansion. Tom gave Draco several bottles of potions and all the rights to beat Gilly if he ever felt the need to.

"..and at the end of the week, if you have pleased me, Draco, I will offer you a permanent position here."

Draco's eyes bulged. A permanent position! 'I am so not going to let Potter fuck this up for me.' he thought. "I won't let you down, my Lord."

Tom smiled. "Good. I'll show you to your chambers and then where Harry is staying. I would prefer if he sleeps with you in your chambers. I will only allow mine to be used when I can watch."

'Umm.. did Voldemort just flirt with me? Do I flirt back? I'm blushing. He's watching my reaction..' Draco thought as he ran his fingers through his thin, silver strands and smiled sheepishly at Tom.

Tom showed Draco his rooms, and ushered him to his own chambers. "I'm running late. I'll let you acquaint yourself with Harry once we're there." Draco nodded and continued following.

As they reached his chambers, he stopped at the door and paused. "One more thing, Draco, before I leave.." He looked up into Tom's crimson eyes. "Try and make Harry more relaxed, if you know what I mean. He needs to loosen up more. No one else is ever allowed to touch him though. He is mine, and I am allowing you to only because I find you extremely attractive and hope the three of us can turn this into something very wicked. I've talked to the boy, and he's been instructed to do whatever you say."

Draco was flabbergasted. 'Oh Merlin. I'm allowed to mess around with Potter, AND he has to do whatever I say! And if I don't screw this up, a permanent position at Riddle House, Death Eater heaven!'

"I promise, my Lord. I won't let you down."

Tom smiled. "Ok, off you go, Draco. I've already said my good byes to the boy." Draco bowed and turned to the door. Tom apparated away with a small *pop*.

Draco sauntered into the chambers, looking around at the lavish furnishings adorning the room with a grin. His eyes scanned over Harry, who was sitting in a large chair by the bed.

Harry sat quietly, pretending to read a book, as he glanced up from it occasionally, watching Draco pace around the room. He looked nervous, no, terrified. His chest heaved quickly as he attempted to calm his breathing. His feet dangled off the chair, swinging nervously, his knuckles white from gripping the book. 'Oh Merlin, I have to play this out, at least for today. Make him suffer, just for a few hours. Then I'll be better, I promise.' he told himself, grinning.

Draco shifted his attention fully towards Harry's direction. "Potter!" he shouted.

Harry yelped and jumped, dropping his book in his lap. He sneered at the Slytherin, feeling his anger soaring through his veins. "Malfoy, don't fucking do that again!"

Draco snarled and walked quickly to his chair, grabbing his wrist and pulling him to his feet. Harry's book tumbled to the floor and he clenched his teeth from being suddenly upset from his reading spot. He pulled back from Draco's grasp with all his weight but the other had several inches outweighed the boy by several pounds.

"Let go of my arm this instant." he growled.

Draco scoffed. "No. You're to follow me to lunch, then I'm taking you to my chambers and locking you in until my guests leave."

Harry fumed. "What guests? You can't lock me up! Tom said..."

"Voldemort said you are to do whatever I say, Potter! He also said you can't be seen when my guests arrive. Crabbe and Goyle are getting pulled from Hogwarts today after morning classes to go to my grandmother's funeral tomorrow. Voldemort said they could visit me here this afternoon for a few hours."

Harry sighed. "I'm sorry to hear your grandmother passed away, Malfoy."

Draco rolled his eyes. "Yeah, yeah.. always the Gryffindor. Come on." he replied, tugging Harry behind him. "We have to eat fast, they'll be arriving soon."

Harry followed closely behind, suddenly feeling as if he was in for a very long day.


Draco dragged The Golden Boy through the corridors, 'accidentally' bumping him into walls, tripping him no less than four times and shoving him into the dining room door before remembering to open it first. Harry's hands were balled into fists as he tried to tell himself to calm down.

Draco dug enthusiastically into his lunch. Harry frowned and nibbled a few bites of his pasta and salad before pushing them away. The Slytherin pushed the plate of pasta back while saying "Eat.".

Harry sighed loudly, picking up his fork. "Eat, Potter, you're too thin. It's disgusting." He narrowed his eyes and reluctantly ate a few more bites. Draco narrowed his eyes back, facing Him. "Quit staring at me like that, Potter. I'm warning you."

He scrunched his nose and broke the angry gaze, focusing back on his pasta. After a few more bites, he dropped his fork noisily onto his plate, before pushing it away. "Done." he said, through clenched teeth.

Draco smirked. "You're being a very naughty boy today, Potter. I'll have to teach you a lesson, c'mon." he replied, grabbing his wrist and pulling him from his seat.


Draco dragged Harry down the many corridors until they reached his chambers. Opening the door, he tossed him inside and shut the door behind him. "Go bring me that chair in the corner, Potter." he said, pointing to an armless wooden chair, resting in front of his desk.

"Are you going to spank me, Malfoy?" Harry asked sarcastically.

He smirked. "Not yet, Potter."

Harry walked over to the chair and pulled it away from the desk, dragging it towards the middle of the room.

Draco pulled out his wand and conjured up a few ropes. "Sit down." he said, as he gestured to the chair.

"What are those for?!" Harry exclaimed, staring at the ropes he was holding. He looked at him through angry slits.

"Sit down in the god damned chair, Potter."

Harry sat down, feeling extremely nervous. "Good. Now put your hands behind your back." He tried to stand back up, but Draco blocked him, standing closely in front of him and gently shoved him back into the chair.

"What is this all about, Malfoy?" He asked, swallowing hard.

Draco walked behind the chair, holding Harry's shoulder down to prevent him from standing again. "I'm just going to tie you up, because I don't trust you. Now put your hands behind your back."

Draco reached over to Harry's sides, pulling his arms back behind him. "You could just lock the damn door, you know. I wouldn't be able to leave if you did."

He winced at the sudden pain in his arms as they were wrenched behind him. Draco looped the ropes around his wrists, knotting them to the back of the chair to prevent him from separating himself from it. He then pulled out a large black piece of cloth from his robe pocket and twisted it around. "Open your mouth, Potter." He said in his ear.

Harry did open his mouth, only to ask why... and Draco stuffed the cloth between Harry's teeth, pulling it tight around his head and knotting it behind his neck. "Nah, you probably know wandless unlocking charms or something, I can't risk it." He entwined Harry's hair in his fingers and wrenched his head back. The boy squeezed his eyes shut from the pain but growled deeply in his throat, completely infuriated.

Draco smiled.

Draco walked back around to the front of his victim and observed his handiwork. "Ah, much better." He said, grinning. Harry's chest rose and fell in short, gasping breaths as he struggled in the chair.

Draco had always had a thing for Harry. Every Slytherin knew that. He always thought Harry had a thing for him, too, but that was never properly confirmed. He wanted to confirm it, wanted to taste the pale skin and watch his reaction. His throat was exposed, begging to be touched, kissed.

Draco slowly reached out and touched the top button of Harry's robe, flicking it open with his fingers.

Harry's eyes grew huge and his breath hitched. He kicked out as hard as he could, connecting easily with Draco's shin.

He cried out, grabbing his leg in pain. "AHHH! Potter! I am SO going to kill you later!"

Harry choked out a few muffled sounds, sounding a lot like laughter. "Think that's funny, do you? We'll see who's laughing when I bring Crabbe and Goyle up here and let them have their way with you." he said with an evil glare.

Harry shook his head furiously, his eyes wide and his cries sounding pleading.

Draco leaned in and placed a small kiss on Harry's forehead, as he struggled, forming muffled obscenities at the boy standing over him. Draco smirked and waved, shouting “ Oh, Potter, they are gonna love you. We’ll be back up here in a minute or so, don’t hold your breath!” as he exited the room, locking the door behind him.

Harry sighed and slumped down in the chair as best he could, despite the pain in his arms and the anxiety of Crabbe and Goyle showing up at any moment. Yes, a very long day, indeed...



Gilly apparated in front of Draco and informed him Vincent Crabbe and Gregory Goyle had just floo'd in, and are currently waiting for him in the game room. Draco nodded and headed to the down the hall to his friends.

Draco spent nearly three hours chatting away with Crabbe and Goyle. They played a few games of exploding snap, as well as getting the grand tour of Riddle Mansion. "Show us your room, Draco. I'm dying to see it." Goyle said.

Draco bit his lip, thinking quickly. There was no way in hell he would share his prize up in his room with the two cronies. "I can't show you that. It's close to Voldemort's room and only I'm allowed down there."

Crabbe and Goyle sighed, but easily accepted the answer. "You'd better go now, I have things to do before dinner that Voldemort asked me to take care of personally, I'll see you both tomorrow." Draco bragged with his arrogant trademark smirk.

The two other Slytherins nodded and waved good bye before floo'ing back to their homes.


Draco walked quickly back to his chambers and walked in quietly. Harry snapped his head towards the door when he heard him enter and began whimpering and cursing in muffled sounds while he rocked the chair back and forth, attempting to break loose. Knowing Harry was an extremely powerful wizard, wand or no wand, he gulped and began to cast a few physical protection spells over himself. He walked over to his desk and pulled out a bottle of strong calming potion and uncorked it, before returning behind Harry. He removed the gag and instinctively stepped back.

Harry let loose a flurry of angry slurs and curses, spitting and shouting at the top of his lungs.

Draco waited patiently for Harry to finish before grabbing the back of his head by his hair and pulling his head back so they could see each other. Harry scowled up at him and he smirked back. "Drink this potion or I'll not untie you, Potter."

Harry laughed suddenly. "You fucking coward, so afraid of me you have to drug me, then?"

Draco's eyes narrowed. "You drink this or I'll leave you like this until after the funeral tomorrow, Potter. I swear I will."

Harry gritted his teeth. "Fine." he said and opened his mouth. He poured the potion into his mouth and released the hair from his grip.

Harry swallowed the potion and looked back up at Draco. "Ok, I drank it. Now let me loose!" Draco snapped out of his glare and pulled his wand out. He muttered a few words and the ropes disappeared.

Harry stood up quickly, pulling his arms into his chest, massaging his wrists. He spun around to face his enemy, a bit too quickly, and lost his balance in a wave of dizziness, the calming potion he drank surging to life in his head. He stumbled on the chair and fell hard on his arse. "I hate you Draco.." he whispered, pulling

himself back up.

Draco grabbed his arm and pulled him upright. "Potter, it was just a joke. Get over it."

"It wasn't very funny to me, it hurt! I need some water, please, my mouth is all dry." he said, rubbing his jaw. Draco went to the restroom and came back out with a glass of water, handing it to the boy. "Thank you." he said reluctantly.

Watching Harry finish his water and nurse the burns on his wrists, Draco began to feel a pang of guilt, hoping he hadn’t ruined his chances... if he even had a chance to begin with.

Harry sat down on Draco's bed and laid his head back on the pillow, trying to counter the dizzying effects of the strong potion. The Slytherin quickly hopped in next to him and turned to his side, facing him.

"Don't touch me, Malfoy." he hissed, feeling Draco's stare burn through him. He cupped his forehead and massaged his temples with his fingers.

Draco cleared his throat. "So,.." he began, "How are you liking it here so far, Potter?"

Harry turned his head and looked at him. "What do you care?" he snapped.

"I'm curious, that's all. I thought we could talk. Aren't you curious about what happened at school or what everyone thinks about your disappearance?"

He rolled on to his side, facing the snake. "Actually, I only care about Sirius, Hermione and Ron. Everyone else can shove it." he replied. "Tom and I made a deal. He'll never hurt them if I stay here. He even gave Wormtail to the Ministry for my godfather's freedom. I made my choice. I'm dealing with it."

Draco nodded. His father had filled him in on the details. He had been shocked Harry would make such a deal, considering his stance as Dumbledore's "Golden Boy", the ace in the hole, so to speak.

"I wish I could write to them.." he continued. "Let them know I'm alive. I hate making them worry, they're my only real friends."

Draco put his hand on his shoulder. "Harry, do you think you and I could ever become friends now that you‘re staying here? I mean, you‘re the only person my age here, and all..." he asked, staring into Harry's emerald eyes.

Harry sat up, exasperated. "Are you mad, Malfoy? After what you just did to me? I sat there for over three hours imagining Crabbe and Goyle were going to barge in at any moment, and there was nothing I could do about it!"

Now Draco felt extremely guilty. He hadn't meant to frighten him, only piss him off. "I'm sorry, Harry. Sometimes I don't think before I do things." He sat quietly for a moment, staring into Harry's eyes. "I learned a lot of my "talents" from my father. He's an evil old bastard, but I also learned things like love and caring from my mother. I suppose I should apologize. It's very difficult for a Malfoy to do that, but I think I owe it to you."

Harry clearly showed a look of 'I don't believe a word you're saying.'. "Sure, Malfoy. Like I'd ever believe you could be sincere. Why would you, a son of a Death Eating pure-blood, ever care about a filthy half-blood like me?"

He shook his head. "I mean it, Harry. I think you and I are going to be spending a great deal of time together from now on and I really want to get past this 'anger' thing we seem to share. I admit I was naughty earlier. I honestly feel badly about it. It never occurred to me you would take anything I said about Crabbe and Goyle seriously. If I was in that situation, I would have pissed myself."

Harry coughed out a chuckle at the thought. "So, you never intended on sending them up here?" He rolled his eyes.

"Send Crabbe and Goyle up here, to my room, to shag Voldemort's kitten?" Draco asked, flailing his arms about in a shrugging manner.

Harry cringed. "Ugh, please don't ever call me that again. I have to hear it enough from Tom." Draco giggled, he really hated the name, too.

Harry watched Draco as they spoke. Watched his soft, silvery-blond hair dance over his pillow like tiny glimmering strands of light. His sharp, elven features piercing grey eyes lit up in the surrounding halo. His lips were soft, thin, tinted in pink over a perfect row of strikingly white teeth. His skin was pale and thin, like tissue paper Harry suddenly felt like caressing. He bit his bottom lip, hard. "So will you forgive me, Harry?" Draco asked.

He smiled. "Yes, I forgive you, Draco,"