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Broken Angel

Chapter 18: Triple Agent


Taking place approximately 3 months after chapter 17, as not to confuse you more than I already have. =)


The loud rapping on the desk startled the boy back to the present with a snap. Severus Snape smacked his wand down on the slate desk repeatedly until Harry stood up to enter the duel again. “Try again, Potter. You can do better than that.”

“Yes, sir.” he replied, brushing the hair out of his eyes as it stuck to his forehead in damp, sweaty stands. He stood ready again, wand in hand, waiting for the countdown.

“Begin!” was shouted and Sirius threw off the invisibility cloak. He whirled his wand around once as it’s tip pointed at the boy, shouting “Crucio!”. Harry leapt hard to his right, only just missing the curse at it streamed past him at lightning speed.

Following his godfather’s eyes, he held up his wand, watching the other pointed his way again. “Expelliarmus!” Harry shouted before the animagus could get anything out of his mouth. He held his hand out, catching the floating wand heading towards him.

Severus grinned, walking over to his charge. “Much better. Your reflexes have improved greatly. You missed fourteen out of eighteen curses, your personal record. I’m quite impressed.”

Harry beamed. It was the first time in months Snape had given him a compliment of any kind, but he suspected it might be because Petunia and Remus were allowed to watch the duel this afternoon. They both sat quietly behind his desk, biting their nails each time the countdown was shouted. It was exciting having an audience and spending time with his family, even if one of them was casting Cruciatus Curses at him.

“Can we end it for today, please?” Harry asked, collapsing onto Petunia’s lap as she scooped him up in her arms. He loved having her around now. Narcissa Malfoy took charge of her during the training, and had opened up all the emotions she had suppressed with her careful guidance. He was only allowed to visit with her for very short periods of time each week, but they bonded quickly, needing each other in their new lives.

Snape and Sirius shrugged and pocketed their wands, calling for an end to the days lesson. Harry and Petunia left the room abruptly, running to the door before someone could change their mind. Remus stood, waiting for his friend by the desk quietly.

Severus watched Sirius gather his things before stopping him with a well-placed yank of his robes. “You did good, the boy’s training couldn’t have come this far without your assistance, Black.” he said. The animagus raised an eyebrow. He knew Snape was full of it, trying to impress Remus with his ‘I’m a great guy’ routine. Calmly yanking his robes from the greasy potions master’s grip he continued his walk to the exit.


A tiny *pop* was heard outside the dungeon room, followed by a soft knock at the door. “Enter.” Snape called out, sitting back at his desk.

Gilly entered the room excitedly, wringing his hands. “Master Snape, I’ve come to tell you Lord Voldemort wants to see you in his study this instant, sir.”

Severus nodded, waving his hand to shoo the house elf away. Gathering up his belongings, he headed off quickly to his master’s study.


“Let me see it again.” Harry asked, attempting to pull Draco’s arm from behind his back.

“What for? It looks just like everyone else's.” he replied, leaning back against the mattress, shielding his arm protectively.

“No one else will show me theirs anymore.”

“That’s because when you talk to it, the snake moves around. It’s unnerving, Harry.”

“Sorry. I won’t do that anymore. Does it still hurt?”

“No. It stopped hurting yesterday. Can we change the subject, please? You’ve been bothering me about this bloody Dark Mark for weeks. Let‘s talk about Hogsmeade.” he asked politely, desperately wanting to talk about the assignment they were to be given any day now.

Harry’s frustration turned to excitement as he remembered he was going to get to go outside for the first time in nearly six months. “Yes, let’s!” he chimed out. “I can’t wait. I haven’t been to Hogsmeade in so long, I wonder what’s changed. I wonder if we’ll get to go shopping or anything.”

Draco shifted around, freeing his arm from his back. “I seriously doubt Voldemort will allow us to go shopping, you git. It’s an assignment. Whatever we have to do will probably not involve being seen since he’s allowing you go with me.”

Harry opened his mouth to speak, but quickly stopped himself, feeling the slight flicker of magic pulse over his scar. He leaned over, giving Draco a speedy peck on the lips. “He’s coming.”

Draco sat up, hopping off the bed. “Night, love.” he said walking to the door. Tom entered the room as he reached for the knob, startling him. “I was just leaving, my Lord. Good night.”

Tom walked past him, muttering, “Good night, Draco.”. Walking to his wardrobe, he undressed slowly, glancing at his reflection in the mirror on the inside door. “What were you and Draco doing in here in my bed?” he asked, as he unbuttoned his trousers.

“Talking about the assignment. We were trying to guess what it was about.” he replied quickly, knowing the question would be asked. It was asked quite often now.

Once he was nude, he walked over to the bed, climbing under the sheets. “I don’t mind how much time you spend time together, but the evenings are mine. Next time I walk in to my bedroom, I don’t want to see him here unless I’ve asked him. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes, sir.” Harry replied, twisting the sheets in his hands.

Tom relaxed, placing his hands behind his head. “This weekend. Three days from today.” he whispered, hiding the small grin he felt coming on.

Harry cocked his head. “What’s three days from today?”

“You’re assignment.” he replied, waiting patiently for the interrogation.

Harry’s eyes grew wide as he sat up as fast as he could. “Honestly? We get to go in three days?” he half-shouted, feeling the adrenaline begin to surge through him hearing those words.

Tom chuckled. “Yes, honestly. Would you like me to tell you a bit about it?” Harry nodded enthusiastically. “You can’t tell anyone else. I’ll inform Draco myself.

“On Saturday, the both of you will accompany Sirius and Lucius to Hogsmeade. They have their own assignment, so they cannot be bothered unless there’s an emergency.”

Harry waited for him to continue, hopping up and down where he was sitting. “And?” he asked impatiently.

“You’re making me nauseous with all that jumping around.” He said, as his stomach did another tiny flip. The hopping stopped abruptly as Harry sat on his hands to stop them from shaking with excitement. “Anyways,” he continued, “you and Draco will be checking on passages. I’ve been informed there are two passages that lead from Hogsmeade to Hogwarts. I need to know if they still exist and function.”

Harry’s mouth dropped open in shock. “I know those passages. I’ve used them both before.”

Tom looked over at the boy, nodding. “Yes, then you can see why I would send you. Now, no more talk about this tonight. I want you, and if I smell that boy on you, so help me I’ll punish him myself.”

Harry cringed. He prayed the tiny kiss he gave Draco wouldn’t be noticed. “We didn’t do anything, I promise.”

Tom fumbled with the buttons on his lover’s nightshirt, pushing it down over his tensed shoulders. “Do you want me to do that thing again?” he asked, massaging the pale skin, relaxing the stiffness, as Harry melted under the touch.

“Yes, please.” he replied softly. Tom chuckled lightly, getting up on his knees, gently turning Harry around to face him.

Tom bent forward, bowing deep into the mattress. He rested his head on the boy’s knees, completely submissive. For the last few months, this had been one of the few ways he had discovered that seemed to work for Harry. He would stay that way, bowed forward, until the boy was ready. He would do whatever he asked, without protest, as long as the end result was Harry giving in to him.

After a few minutes, Tom felt the small hands begin to touch him. They moved slowly, first brushing strands of his hair back, fingers running over his scalp. His finger stayed there for a while, curling the hairs with his thumbs. Tom mewed into Harry’s thighs, waiting patiently. The hands began to drift, touching his shoulders now. Tickling the lightly tanned skin on the nape of his neck.

Harry stared down at his master, letting the nervousness drift away as he kneeled before him. Tom would do just about anything for him to make him feel comfortable now, and he loved it. He took his time, releasing his anxieties through his fingers, feeling his lust grow with each tiny moan he produced from his lord.

“Tom,” said Harry, tracing his fingers over his back as he pushed away a shy grin, “sit up now.”

Tom tipped his head to the side, looking up. “Are you sure you‘re ready, love?”

Harry sucked in a deep breath, holding it for a moment. “Yes, sit up. I want you to do that other thing.”

Tom sat up quickly. It tickled him pink when Harry requested anything from him. “Which thing?” he asked, knowing Harry would blush scarlet from having to actually say it.

“You know.”

“No, I don’t have a clue as to what you mean. Tell me.”

Harry’s face reddened with frustration. He lifted Tom’s hands slowly, placing them on his sides. “That thing, Tom. Where you tell me how much you need me and stuff. Come on.”

“Oh.. that thing.” he replied, arching his eyebrow. “Come here.”

He pulled Harry to his chest slowly, nuzzling his face into his neck, whispering softly in his ear all the things he needed to hear. It would bring tears to the boy’s eyes sometimes, feeling their hearts tapping on their chests as they held each other, Tom telling him he needed him, desired him, worshipped him, loved him.

He didn’t need to think of Draco during these nights any longer. It had helped a great deal, but that was something he wanted to keep separate now. Sneaking off with the blond was an experience of it’s own, feeling the rush of excitement as they made love in storage rooms and behind bookshelves in the expansive library. At any moment, they could be discovered, but they didn’t care, it was worth the risk.

‘Stop thinking about him!‘ Harry scolding to himself. He began concentrating on the words now, the soft spoken words tickling his ear from the warm breath. The words that made him feel wanted, whole. He closed his eyelids slowly, feeling the arms around him lift him up as he fell back into the bed.

Tom smiled, looking down at the beautiful boy. He was ready now.


Hogwarts main hall stood silent in the darkness, as the cloaked figure scanned the room. Moving quickly, he ran through the halls, reaching the headmaster’s tower. Riding the wooden steps, he entered the office, as Dumbledore stood up from his desk.

“Thank you for coming. This matter means more to me than anything at this time. It is very important that I know your information is accurate and precise, I don’t want to risk any injuries.” said Albus as he stood staring a the man.

“Yes,” the man replied, removing his hood, “I wouldn’t have come if I didn’t feel the time to strike was upon us. As I’ve said, the boys will be in Hogsmeade three days from now. They will have escorts, but they will not be directly following them.”

Albus noted all details, the twinkle in his eye flicking off the low flames of the torches lighting the circular office. “The passages will be a perfect place for an ambush. I have two volunteers that will retrieve them from it, and bring them to me, here.”

Severus Snape walked closer to the desk, resting his fingers over the edge. “Two volunteers is not enough to bring these boys in. I have aided in training Harry myself, and he is a match for even you now, Albus. Perhaps we should rethink this. Someone could die if they snuck up on them.”

“Severus, my boy, sit down.” Albus said, gesturing over to a chair. Snape walked over, sitting, looking very nervous. “I understand you’re worry. I will take many precautions before sending anyone out there. I have already set up anti glamour and magic wards in both passages, although I seriously doubt they’ll be able to enter the Shrieking Shack on their own. Both boys will be defenseless.”

Snape shifted uneasily. “The volunteers, will they be able to use magic? Who volunteered?” he asked.

Albus smiled, resting down in his study chair. “Ah, good questions. Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger are the two. They have been working with the Order since Harry’s disappearance, and are quite adept in handling this situation. And, yes, they will be able to use magic. The wards will be able to distinguish them from any other, giving them a great advantage.”

“I don’t want either boy harmed in any way. They will be kept in Hogwarts, correct?” Snape asked.

Albus nodded. “Of course. They will be placed under house arrest by the Order. Even the Ministry cannot remove them.”

Sighing, Severus stood up. “I must leave now. If I’m gone too long, someone will get suspicious. Good evening, Albus.” he said, walking to the steps.

Albus waved his hand at the man. “Yes, good evening, Severus.”

Ron and Hermione stepped out of the shadows then, walking down the steps from Albus’ private quarters. They sat down across from Dumbledore, waiting for their instructions.

Albus smiled at both of his young Gryffindors, knowing he’d made the right choice. “Thank you for waiting. Severus is very nervous about giving information any longer. Now, we need to go over the last details before the weekend approaches. Listen carefully, as I do not want either boy harmed.”

Ron and Hermione nodded, lightly bouncing in their seats with anticipation, needing their Harry back with them.

“This will be difficult for you both. Harry Potter has been heavily brainwashed as I’ve been told. I want them disarmed and bound, and brought to me immediately. Listen to nothing either boy says, they will only tell you lies.” Albus said in a deep voice.

“We won’t let you down, Professor. We know what needs to be done. Harry and Draco will be in our custody without being harmed.” said Ron.

Albus nodded. “I know, my dear boy. I know.”


Tom jerked awake as the rapping on his door sounded out. Looking over his shoulder, he saw Harry very much asleep. He got up quickly, throwing a robe on over his shoulders before he answered the door.

Severus stood in front of him, looking quite tired and a bit rattled. “I have information for you, my Lord. If we could please meet in your study.”

Tom nodded, closing the door behind him and placing a locking spell over it. They walked to the study in silence.

“My Lord, everything is in place. Dumbledore took the bait, he will indeed arrest the boys this Saturday.” Severus said, resting comfortably in the soft recliner.

Tom snorted, shaking his head. “What a fool. If only I could tell Harry myself, so he could laugh at the old bastard with me. Sadly, I cannot risk the boys knowing anything, in case they’re given a truth serum. Just watch over them until this is finished, Severus. I’m putting all my trust in you.”

Severus nodded. “I will guard them with my life, my Lord. Dumbledore promised their safety. They will be kept in the castle at all times.”

“Excellent. Now I must get my rest. I have a lot of training with Harry tomorrow to insure this is going to work, so if you’ll excuse me...” said Tom, standing up.


Entering his bed chambers, Tom dropped his robe to the floor and climbed into bed. Harry rolled over, resting his arm over his master’s chest. “Where did you go?” he asked in a hoarse whisper.

Tom patted his hand. “Why, love? Did you miss me?” he asked in jest. He felt the arm move around him more, pulling him closer to the boy.

“Yes,” said Harry, as he closed his eyes and drifted back into a peaceful sleep.






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