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Pairings: HP/DM HP/TR


Broken Angel

Chapter 13: Truth or Dare


Tom rapped his fingers along the rather tacky, inexpensive desk he sat in front of in the house across the street from number 4 Privet Drive. With one hand supporting his head, annoyingly rapping away on the desk with the other, staring off into space.

Lucius stared at him, open-mouthed. "My Lord, no disrespect or anything, but that is really hypnotic." he finally managed to say, while pinching himself to stay awake.

Tom looked up, his fingers frozen in mid rap, and shot a questioning glance in his direction. "What? This?" *rap rap rap* he nodded. "Sorry then, didn’t mean to bother ‘the great Lucius Malfoy’ as he sits on his arse NOT getting my wards down.”

Biting his tongue so he didn’t receive a well placed Cruciatus Curse, he opted for changing the subject instead. “The animagus and his wolf friend are in your home. I spent a great deal of last night speaking with them. They have agreed on a truce at the moment, and would very much like to speak with you.”

Tom nodded. “I’ll have to allow them to see Harry soon, but not yet. I’m sure with my select wording, I’ll have the dark mark on Black by tomorrow.”

Lucius nodded. “It wouldn’t hurt to dangle Harry in front of them, it seems to be their weakness. “

Tom sighed. “Yes, you’re right. When you return from your funeral, I’ll make an appearance for them.”

The elder Malfoy grinned. “Excellent, my Lord! I would hate to lose them. Snape really, really hates that man. This is going to be so interesting.”


Draco stirred softly for a few minutes, finally able to will his eyes open from his deep slumber. Sometime during the night, Harry managed to pull some pillows over and prop them under his head. He looked around the bed, noticing he was alone and sighed contently.


Gilly appeared next to the bed and bowed. "Mr. Draco should be eating his breakfast now. Mr. Draco missed dinner last night and he's got a funeral to go to today!" He shouted.

Draco pulled the pillow out from under his head and swatted Gilly as hard as he could, glaring down at the house elf. "Shaddup.. I'm moving." he replied, dropping the pillow and heading into the toilet for a shower.

He let the hard, near-scalding rivets of water pound over his back as he leaned forward in the shower. He thought of the evening before, and how wonderful, fantastic, perfect it had felt. He could still feel Harry's warmth, snuggling against his chest once he collapsed into his arms and blushed. He ran his fingers over the spots Harry had kissed and nipped at, allowing the thoughts and the steam to blur his vision of the room.

He barely heard the door open, but the soft, sweet voice that questioned him snapped him back into reality quickly. "Draco, are you going to be much longer? I'm starving." Harry said, wiping the steam-covered shower glass off, trying to get a peek inside.

"Hand me a towel." he replied, holding his arm out of the now open shower door. Harry handed him a very small washcloth and laughed. He held the washcloth up and chuckled. "Funny." he said, tossing the washcloth over Harry's head.

After breakfast, Draco grabbed Harry's hand and walked him to his chambers. As they entered, he bit his lip. He was supposed to subdue Harry while he was gone, but that didn't feel like an option he wanted to use anymore.

He fingered the bottle of sleep potion hidden in his pocket. He consciously forgot to put it in Harry's pumpkin juice at breakfast, feeling he would probably be offended. He no longer wanted to abuse his new lover’s trust. "Damn.." He whispered.

Harry looked up from the bookshelf he was peering at, over to him. "What's wrong?" He asked.

"Huh? Oh.." Draco replied. "I umm... sit down, I have to ask you something."

He shrugged and sat down in a large recliner, across from him. "If I were to umm.. give you a potion to make you sleep, would you be mad with me?" He asked. He bit his lip again, hoping Harry wasn't too angry with him.

Harry startled him suddenly by grinning. "No. I'm to do whatever you say, remember?"

Draco sat back, shocked. 'Oh yeah, I forgot.' he thought. "I have to give you this before I leave." He said, holding up a small blue vial of potion.

Harry sighed before nodding. "I understand. Tom doesn't trust me yet. That's not your fault."

Draco smiled with relief. He could almost kiss him. Wait, he could kiss him. He eagerly hopped from his chair into Harry's, straddling his hips with his knees.

Harry's eyes lit up and he smiled, looking up into Draco's beautiful face.

"Did you enjoy last night?" the blond asked, slowly closing the distance between their lips.

"Uh huh." Harry said, as he tipped his head back.


Gilly shrieked loudly, realizing suddenly he had ruined another snogging session again. "Gilly! If you keep this up, Tom's going to kill you!" Harry shouted.

Draco glared at the house elf, reminding himself to torture him later.

"Gilly is sorry, young masters! Gilly is telling young master Malfoy it's time for him to go now!" Gilly cried and apparated away.

Draco slumped down into Harry's lap and sighed. He pulled the phial of sleep drought out of his pocket and removed the cork. He cupped the smaller boy’s chin in his hand, and rubbed his fingers over his bottom lip, easing his mouth open.

Harry looked up into his eyes and slowly opened his mouth, as Draco tipped the bottle back, pouring the contents in. He swallowed the foul liquid and grimaced. Almost instantly, his eyelids fluttered closed, and he slumped over into Draco's chest.

He lifted the sleeping boy's chin up and softly brushed his thin, pink lips over the full ruby lips. He got up and lifted him from the chair and carried him to the bed. He removed his shoes and jeans, and tucked a duvet around him for warmth. "Sleep well, Harry." He whispered and left the room, locking the door behind him.


After the funeral, Draco anxiously bit his manicured fingernails, waiting for the go ahead to return to Riddle Mansion. Finally, his father waved him off and he literally ran through the corridors, sliding at every turn, to reach the fire place.

After flooing into the mansion, he quickly brushed himself off and ran again towards his room. He bolted through the door and dove onto the bed, pulling his wand out in mid-flight. "Ennervate!" he said, pointing his wand at Harry. He sat back, putting his wand in his pocket and watched Harry's eyelids slowly open. "Oh, wake up already, Harry!" He exclaimed.

Draco grabbed Harry's limp arms and pulled him up. "Harry, c'mon! Wake up!"

Harry yawned and pulled his arms free. "What's the matter?" He asked sleepily.

The blond grabbed his arms again and pulled him from the bed. He dragged him over to the recliner and dropped him down into it. He then tossed Harry's jeans and shoes into his lap and sat down in his own chair. "Get dressed, so we can have dinner. I want to go to the game room after, so we can talk."

Harry stood up and pulled his jeans and shoes on and followed Draco to the dining room.


After dinner, Draco and Harry ran to the game room. "Want to get drunk?" Draco asked grinning, eyeing a large cabinet filled with numerous bottles of liquor.

"I thought you wanted to talk." Harry replied.

"I can talk while getting pissed."

Harry shrugged. "Okay, then."

Draco smirked and wandered over to the liquor cabinet. He returned, handing Harry a shot glass and filled it with a very strange looking liquid. "What's this stuff?" he asked, swirling the flowing gold liquid around in the glass.

"It's wizard whiskey. You can get really drunk fast, and not get sick." He replied.

Harry shrugged and brought the glass to his mouth. "Wait! don't drink it yet. I want to play a game." Draco said.

"I thought we were going to talk, how does this fit into playing a game?"

Draco smirked. "We talk during this game, idiot. Ever play Truth or Dare before?"

Harry nodded. "With Ron, Hermione and Ginny, once. It was pretty funny. I had to kiss Ginny twice, Hermione and Ron once."

Draco's face contorted. "Ugh! You kissed Hermione? And... Weasleys?"

Harry laughed. "Yep, it was fun. Hermione was the best kisser, by far."

“I do not want to know that.”

He sat down on the floor and directed Harry to sit across from him. "Ok, my rules are.. number one, do what I say. That's it." he said, proudly.

"That's it? No other rules?" Harry asked.

"Nope. Ok I'll go first. Take the shot and pick, truth or dare?"

"Truth." Harry said and drank the contents of the shot glass. He choked and coughed after swallowing it. "It's awful!" he cried. Draco laughed watching him.

Almost instantly Harry felt a buzzing flow through his body. He smiled and shook his head lightly. "Wow." he said, feeling the effects dull his senses.

"Ok, how do you really feel about Voldemort, now, that is."

He looked up, thinking for a moment. "I guess I like him. I hate saying that, but honestly he's been more of a friend to me than anyone else, besides my real friends. Does that make sense?"

Draco nodded.

"He talks to me about our lives, how similar they were when we were children. I understand what made him so angry. He understands why I would hate him. He treats me like a child sometimes, I don't really care for that part, but I think that helped me to want to feel more grown up. Plus, he's very handsome, and very sexy." said Harry with a smile.

Draco smiled and agreed. “He’s gorgeous! I swear to Merlin when he made a pass at me, I wanted to jump on top of him right there at the door.”

Harry sat back a bit. “He flirted with you?” He wasn’t sure why, but he felt slightly jealous at the moment. What made it worse was he wasn’t sure who he was jealous over.

“Didn’t I mention that before?”

Harry shook his head. “No, you sure didn’t.”

“Let’s get back to the game, okay?” Draco asked, pouring a new shot.

“Give me that.” the smaller boy said, grabbing the bottle and taking a few large gulps.

“Umm you shouldn’t drink too much. *pause* Stop. *pause* That’s enough. *pause* Harry. *pause* Oh Merlin.”

“Okay, let me do one more shot, and I pick ‘dare’.” said Harry and Draco grinned, handing him the filled shot glass.

Draco's mind raced, thinking of a lovely dare. Harry threw back the shot and nearly instantly tumbled back from his sitting position, throwing his arms behind him to brace himself. He looked up at the sexy silver-haired boy who was now standing, walking over to the back of the game room. "I dare you to crawl over to me." He called out. "But," he continued, as Harry got to his hands and knees, shakily, "I want you to remove all your clothing on the way. By the time you get to me, I want you wearing nothing but a smile." Harry's mouth dropped open and he hesitated a moment. Draco batted his eyelashes . "C'mon, don't act shy now. Not after what we did."

Harry's eyes narrowed, with an evil grin curling up on his lips. "Only if you strip while I crawl to you."

Draco's eyebrow arched. "Fair enough." He replied, and began to unfasten his robes.

Harry found it nearly impossible to crawl, unbutton clothes and remain focused under the strong wizard whiskey's power. He stumbled on his elbows, collapsing, his nose connecting with the rug quickly. "Urrrrr.." he growled, pulling himself back up into a crawl.

Draco, who was pulling off his slacks and tossing them (perfectly folded, mind you) over onto a large recliner, glanced up at the sound of growling. "Oh, for pities sake, just come here." he said, snapping his fingers.

Harry stood up and pulled his robe off and sashayed over, tripping and falling only twice. Before he reached his destination, he managed to remove his t-shirt, jeans and one sock.

Draco cupped his face in his hands. "I couldn't wait all night, you know." He said. Harry huffed angrily, honestly wasn’t that upset over it.

Draco leaned down and pressed his lips to his, breathing in his scent, entwining their tongues. Harry broke the kiss, feeling suddenly very awkward about standing in Voldemort's game room, kissing Draco Malfoy and wearing only his boxers and one sock. “Maybe we should go to your room. I’ve got this creepy feeling..”

Like clockwork, Tom floo’d into his game room finding the most interesting sight he could have imagined. Draco and Harry jerked their heads to the fireplace, shock covering the silver haired boy’s face, but the other boy’s face was a completely different matter. He looked... drunk?

Tom cocked his head, taking in the beautiful sight of his kitten in the arms of the elven god. If only there was more time. No time now though, his guests were told he’d arrive with Harry at this time..... with Harry... a drunk Harry....

“For the sake of... he’s not drunk, is he?” He asked with a slight frown.

Draco cringed and bit his bottom lip, nodding slowly. Harry grinned and fell over. “Lovely. Tonight of all nights. I need to take him to a meeting, help me get him dressed.”

Draco bent down, scooping up Harry’s clothing, when he felt a sharp *Thwap!* on his arse. “Ouch!” he shouted, standing up fast and rubbing his bum. He turned quickly, staring into the face of a very sexy Tom.

“That was for getting my kitten drunk. The rest of your ‘punishment’ will come later.” His crimson eyes were smoldering with sexual innuendo. “I’ll be waiting for you in my rooms when I return.”

Draco gaped visibly, unable to blink. “”Yes, sir.” he replied, intrigued and nervous all at once.


Tom dragged Harry along to the parlor, stopping to pick him up at the door. “Harry, come on, love.” he whispered. “We have visitors. Remember my surprise?”

“I remember.” Harry whispered, fighting to keep his eyelids from closing.

Tom sighed. “Damn that boy.” he thought aloud. “Hey, kitten. Come on now, your surprise is right on the other side of this door. Aren’t you excited?”

Harry looked up at him, tilting his head in confusion. “Okay, I’m just gonna rest my eyes for just a sec, okay? Then I‘ll wake up when you‘re ready.”

He nodded reluctantly and pressed his hand over the boy’s head, coaxing it onto his shoulder.

Tom opened the parlor door and stepped towards the two men. They hesitated briefly, seeing the extremely tall man carrying what looked like Harry over towards them.

“Harry!?” Sirius shouted. “What’s wrong with him?”

Tom waved a hand to both the gentlemen. “Sit, please.” Hesitantly, they sat across from him.

“Allow me to introduce myself. I am Lord Voldemort. And this,” gesturing his hand at the sleepy boy, “of course, is Harry Potter. I’m afraid he’s a bit.. drunk. The boys got into my liquor cabinet while I was away.”

Harry turned around in Tom’s lap, trying to focus his eyes on the two guests sitting across from him. He gasped, looking from Sirius to Tom many times. “Tom? Is that.. “ he cocked his head in confusion. How in the world could Sirius be here?

“Yes, kitten, go sit with your godfather.” he replied, pushing the boy off his lap.

Harry stood up shakily and ran over to his godfather, leaping into his arms.

“Oh gods, Harry. Oh gods. Are you alright, love?” Sirius asked, clutching onto his godson for dear life.

“I’ve missed you so much. I love you so much, Siri.“ he replied in his ear. He looked up from Sirius’ shoulder over to Remus. “Professor Lupin.” he said, as he leaned over to hug the werewolf.

Remus smiled softly, hugging the boy back. “We’ve missed you, Harry.”

Tom smiled warmly on the outside. He felt like such a ‘good guy’ at the moment, it almost seemed real. His crimson eyes began to glow as he watched the trio hug and kiss and hug some more. So bloody touching.

He eyed Black specifically, sensing his powerful magic signature flowing throughout the room. He was powerful, as powerful as Lucius. He was dashing, roman features sculpted into rugged tanned skin. He cooed all over his kitten, like a father. Harry needed a father. He didn’t want to be his father. Black had to stay.

Sirius petted his godson’s hair softly, cradling him in his arms as Harry drifted off to sleep. Lupin sat next to his best friend, his innocence radiating off of him as strong as Harry’s. Tom laughed inwardly, never imagining a werewolf could be so innocent. The dark mark would be more difficult to get on him, but he could wait. Black was the important one at the moment.

Sirius passed the sleeping Harry over to Remus and stood up, walking over to Tom. “Can we talk in private, Voldemort?” Tom smiled, getting up and waving for him to follow. Remus looked up nervously, but Sirius smiled back warmly, trying to reassure his friend, mouthing “I’ll be fine.” as he followed Tom out of the room.




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