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Pairings: HP/DM HP/TR

Broken Angel

Chapter 9: Idiot House Elves



Harry brushed his teeth and pulled on his nightshirt. Tom entered the room quietly and began pulling his own robes off. Harry entered the bed chamber and sat down on the bed, buzzing from the excitement the evening had given him.

Tom climbed into bed, resting his wand on the small table next to him. Harry climbed under the covers and snuggled up to the man's side.

Tom wrapped his arm around Harry's waist and pulled him closer. "Do you miss using magic, Harry?" he whispered in his ear. "Yes." replied the boy.

Tom reached over to the small table and grabbed a phial of potion. "I want you to drink this, Harry. I need us to get a good nights sleep. No nightmares tonight, ok?"

Harry nodded and drank the potion reluctantly. He yawned and snuggled back into Tom's embrace.

"Where did you leave your wand, Harry?" he asked.

Harry cringed. "Under a loose floorboard in my room under my bed."

"At your uncle's, correct?" he asked.

The boy sighed, but nodded. "Yes, at my uncle's."

Tom was so going to enjoy torturing that fat bastard.

Harry began to drift off into slumber. Tom lifted him up and turned him around so they were facing each other. He watched as the potion took effect and Harry could barely open his eyes. He lifted his chin up softly and placed a light kiss on his lips, before falling to sleep himself.


Narcissa, Lucius, and Draco apparated back to Malfoy Manor quickly. Lucius turned to his wife and grinned.

She scowled back and slapped the side of his head.

"Ow!" he shouted, and Draco flinched back. His mother scared even him at times.

"Don't you ever terrorize that poor child again, Lucius!" she shouted, stomping off into the manor.

Lucius rubbed his head and walked in after her, defeated. "You're no fun.." he retorted.

She stopped at the bottom of the stairs and turned around. "I can be a lot of fun, darling.." She replied, with a sly grin.

Lucius growled like a tiger and ran to his wife, sweeping her up into his embrace and hurriedly carrying her up the steps, shouting "Goodnight, Draco!".

Draco's nose scrunched. "Oh, disgusting." he whispered, heading to his own room.


Tom and Harry finished their breakfast quietly in the dining room, before grasping the boy's hand in his, leading him to his study. He sat in his large desk chair and pulled Harry to his lap.

Harry snuggled into Tom's embrace and looked up at the older man. "Now Harry," Tom began. "I know you're going to be a good boy for me while I'm away. I want you to spend all your time with Draco. I want him to help you with these nightmares, and this shyness problem."

Harry cringed and looked at his lap. "He doesn't like me, you know." Harry replied.

"Now that's not true. He just doesn't know you, yet. Forget about school and all the silly things he may have said to upset you. That's his father talking, not him." Tom replied thoughtfully.

Harry shook his head wildly. "I really don't think you understand, Tom. Draco Malfoy isn't just a bully. I saw the look in his eyes. Can't you just lock me up in the dungeon or something, since you obviously can't trust me to stay alone and all. Why do I need a damned babysitter?"

Tom's eyes narrowed. "Harry, Draco will be watching you while I'm away and that's that. If you refuse to grow up, you force me to treat you like a child! I'm supposed to leave the suicidal Boy-Who-Lived alone in my home? You won't eat. You won't sleep. You can't be left alone, it's as simple as that. Until I see some severe progress in your attitude, this is how it will remain."

Harry nodded. "You're right, I do need to grow up. But leaving me alone with Malfoy is suicide. If you cared in the least for me, you‘d think about it."

Tom sighed. "Do you realize you are the only thing I have ever allowed myself to care about? I admit it, I care. I do. But I won't allow you to stay here alone."

Harry's eyes followed the beautiful man’s lips as he continued to tongue lash him. He blushed pink, thinking about the mouth, and looked away quickly.

Tom cupped his face with his hand, easing him back to look at him again. “Don’t be shy, kitten. Tell me what made you blush like that.” he said, feeling the stir of lust as the emeralds peered up at him timidly.

Harry shook his head lightly, stifling a grin. “Nothing.” he whispered

“Did you want to kiss me?” his Lord asked, pursing his lips, leaning his head in closer to the boy’s face.

He closed his eyes slowly, placing a small kiss on the tip of they boy’s nose, pulling back briefly.

Harry bit his bottom lip nervously, wanting another, needing the affection. He leaned in then, placing a chaste kiss over his Lord’s top lip, pulling back in a crimson blush.

“That was nice.” Tom said with a soft smile. He traced his hands slowly over the collar of the boy’s robes, flicking buttons open with graceful fingers.

Harry’s breathing became hard and fast, desperately willing the nervousness away, letting Tom do what he wanted for a change. Keeping his arms to his sides by sitting on his hands.

Shoving everything off the top, Tom lifted the boy up, setting him on top of his desk.

Harry shifted around uneasily, squeezing his eyes shut hard. The hands on his robe moved over his chest, pulling the material away, exposing a light tee shirt. It was pulled up slowly, the hands grazing over his skin. “Relax, kitten. I’ll go very slow.” he whispered in his ear, letting his breath warm the boy’s cheek.

He inhaled softly as the breath moved down, and a tongue tasted his throat. He wondered if Draco’s tongue could feel like that. He always had a thing for the nasty Slytherin, even if he hated his guts profusely. Just fantasies, nothing he’d ever admit to.




Gilly gasped as he apparated into the study. Tom and Harry's heads instantly snapped up and over at the now cowering house elf. The Dark Lord roared in anger, pulling the boy up off the desk and into his chest tightly, before standing.

Harry scrambled from his embrace, pulling his robes together quickly, his face flushed.

“How dare you come into this room without permission! From now on you will wait outside any door I am on the other side of and knock! Do you understand me?" Tom lashed at the house elf. His eyes blazing fire, his teeth clenched, causing Harry to grasp Tom's arm lightly, to calm him down. "What is it you want, Gilly?" he asked, anger tingeing the words.

Gilly lowered himself to his knees to stop them from knocking together. "M-master asked t..to be informed wh-when Draco Malfoy arrived."

Tom nodded, and glared at the idiot house elf. "Bring him here, Gilly. then go to my chambers and draw Harry a bath. He’ll will along shortly. Now get out of my sight!"

Gilly stood up and bowed as best he could before popping out of the study. Tom sighed and threw his hands up in defeat.

Harry buttoned his robes quickly and gestured to the door. "I don't want to see Malfoy yet. Walk me back to our room, please."

Tom walked to the door, and opened it. "You'll have to see him soon, I'm leaving in an hour."

Harry grabbed the man's hand, giving it a firm squeeze. "I know."


Draco entered the wood-furnished study and took a seat in front of a very large and cluttered desk. He sniffed the air and scrunched his nose up. 'Smells like sex in here.' he thought.


Harry stared up at the older man as he undressed for his bath. "Why can't you tell me where you're going, Tom?"

"I'm going to get your wand, Harry." Tom replied.

Harry froze. "But that's at... what if.. the wards!" Harry pulled his shoes and socks off, before climbing into the bath.

Tom smiled. "We've got it all worked out, Harry. The wards will be down in at least three days."

The boy cocked his eyebrow then, confused. "If they'll be down in three days, why are you leaving for a week, Tom?"

Tom sat down on the edge of the tub. "Harry, you shouldn't ask these things. You don't really want to know the answers."

Harry sighed. "Are you putting yourself in danger, Tom? I want to be certain you're coming back."

Now it was Tom's turn to freeze up. Where was the 'Please don't harm my family! Even though they beat me and raised me in a cupboard under the stairs! I love them and will throw my pathetic life in front of theirs to avoid the guilt of their deaths.' No, that was missing, it was pretty clear he asked 'Are you putting yourself in danger.. Tom.'

He patted the boy's head. "Never you worry. I'll be back very soon. I'll be back with your wand before you know it. I also have a very big surprise for you. I won't tell you what it is, but I know you're going to do every single thing Draco tells you, because this surprise will be very, very worth it."

Harry eyes grew large with confusion. "So it's something I would want?" He asked.

"Not something, someone." Tom replied.

Harry's head tilted again in confusion. "Someone? What do you mean, Tom? Are you going to hurt someone I love? Please don't.."

"Harry, I promised you I wouldn't do that. I said you would like this surprise, and you will. Don't you trust me yet, kitten?"

Harry sighed. "I do, I was just confused. Now you've got me wondering all sorts of things."

Tom grinned. "I hope they're things about you, me, and my bed."

Harry looked up and smiled at the man. But his smile wasn't shy, or sheepish this time, it was lustful. "Kiss me before you leave?"

Tom fought the urge to dive into the tub and swallowed hard. Harry looked so beautiful. His eyes clearly enticing him. His lips curled up in a sweet, innocent smile. Back to the eyes, yes, there it is again. The lust. Tom leaned forward and pressed his lips over the boy's. Harry pulled back quickly, covering his mouth with a hand, blushing all the more.

Tom growled as he broke the kiss. "I'm late, kitten. I have a lot to discuss with Draco before I leave." Oh Merlin, is it possible for a Dark Lord to call in from work? No, this has to be done. There is plenty of time later. "Good bye Harry, remember what I said about Draco. Do what he says."

Harry nodded and waved Tom out of the room, excited and sad all at once.



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